Super Drum 10Kg

Model : HWD100-BD1499U1


Pillow Drum



LED Touch Screen



Dual Spray










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Super Drum

For professional results at home, the Haier Super Drum model is the one for you. Thanks to its high combined capacity, 10 kg of washing and 6 kg of drying, you will be able to do more laundry in less time. You will also save on consumption thanks to the extremely efficient and silent Direct Motion motor, while a series of preconfigured programs allows you to select and adjust the washing cycles according to your needs. With an elegant touch interface and a 45 cm wide porthole to easily load even the most bulky items, the Super Drum is a portentous washer-dryer. The drum has a diameter of 601 mm and this allows the detergent to penetrate the clothes more effectively and give better results.

Delicate items will always look like new 

The drum of this Haier washer dryer has a specially designed lining to keep even the most delicate items in perfect condition, regardless of the number of washes. The special “cushions” gently slide the laundry onto the surface of the drum, preventing it from getting caught and damaged.

It is the laundry that adapts to your needs

Select the time you want the wash cycle to end. Now the laundry will adapt to your needs and not vice versa! Set the cycle end time even 24 hours in advance. All you have to do is decide at what time you want the cycle to end and the machine will automatically calculate the start time.

A small detail that makes a big difference

At 45cm wide, this machine’s door is among the largest on the market. It has been specially designed to have a large opening radius and therefore considerably simplify the loading and unloading of the washer dryer compared to traditional models, for example in the case of bulky garments.

Lighting according to Haier

The hunt for the missing sock is over: thanks to the practical internal light of the drum, you can easily load and unload your laundry without forgetting anything.

Total flexibility in terms of washing cycle duration. 

Haier’s intelligent “My Time” function allows you to adjust the duration of the wash according to your needs, to extend or shorten the washing time even when the cycle has already started!

Refresh your clothes like in the laundry room, at home

The I-Refresh function refreshes your clothes in an extremely effective and innovative way, using a micro-steam technology to remove odors and reduce creases without any contact with water or detergent.

Anti-stain options

Simply select the type of stain from the touch display and the washer-dryer will use a tailor-made washing program to ensure the most effective treatment against the stain.

Maximum efficiency without compromise

Haier scrubbers have been designed to guarantee maximum efficiency and unparalleled performance.

Haier’s Direct Motion Motors last forever 

Haier’s Direct Motion Motors are designed and built to last. The motor works without belt and is fixed directly to the basket to significantly reduce noise and vibrations, increase life and reduce water and electricity consumption (up to class A +++ -50%). It is thanks to this high quality design that Haier can offer a lifetime warranty on all of its Direct Motion engines. 

Automatic load detection

This innovative Haier washer-dryer weighs the laundry and adjusts water consumption and cycle length accordingly. The washer-dryer automatically calculates the best settings based on the weight of each load, guaranteeing excellent results and minimum consumption thanks to the Direct Motion motor. Another clever solution from Haier that really makes a difference.

Always perfect washing, thanks to Smart Detecting

The hardness level of your home water can affect the quality of the final laundry. Haier’s Smart Detecting function monitors water hardness and works in synergy with the Smart Dosing system to adjust the amount of detergent used, so that it is always the right one. Thanks to this smart system, washing will always be perfect regardless of the hardness of the water!

Intelligent in name and in fact

Haier’s Smart Dosing System calculates the exact amount of detergent and fabric softener needed for your laundry based on the weight of the load. This smart technology weighs the laundry and adjusts the detergent needed accordingly, saving the equivalent of 33 cycles per year in detergent!

Automatic cleaning for maximum hygiene

Haier’s Smart Dual Spray is in an automatic washer-dryer cleaning system that is activated at the end of each wash cycle. This not only guarantees more hygiene for your laundry, but also extends the life of the washer dryer!

If the machine is cleaner, the laundry is cleaner too

An exclusive Haier material that protects the most delicate areas of the washer dryer. The ABT treatment prevents the formation of mold and bacteria in delicate areas, such as the door seal, for sanitized laundry.
Washing Capacity (Kg)10
Drying Capacity (Kg)6
Energy Efficiency ClassA
Washing Efficiency ClassA
Spinning Efficiency ClassB
MAX Speed (rpm)1400
Number of Programs14
Noise Level dB (A) Washing/Spinning55/68
MotorDM Motor
Voltage (V) /Frequency (Hz)220-240/5
Drum Diameter601mm
Porthole Diameter440mm
Smart DosingY
Water Hardness DetectingY
Dual SprayY
Internal LightY
Auto WeightY
Memo FunctionY
UV SterilizationY
Auto Lock DoorY
Touch ControlY
Display TypeLED
Net Weight (Kg)97
Gross Weight (Kg)116
Unit Dimensions (mm)(H*W*D)985*701*460
Packing Dimensions (mm)(H*W*D)1111*798*657
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