Drawer Design



Dual Cooling system



Multi Air Flow



ABT Sterilization



Eye –Friendly LED Panel



Cube Zone





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Enjoy the unique surround lightning system

Haier’s Daylight LED system illuminates the contents of your fridge so every corner of every shelf is visible, from front to back, at all times. This makes finding food items easier than ever before, those that are used less often. The brighter light also makes restocking and organising your fridge an easier task thanks to the vastly improved visibility. And while the LED lights up the inside of the refrigerator, it remains soft and friendly on the eyes thanks to the a clever progressive lighting system.

Outstanding efficiency through precision engineering

A refrigerator with an A++ energy rating uses up to 40% less energy than one with an A energy rating. Haier is dedicated to creating state-of-the-art products that operate efficiently while never compromising on performance.

From fridge to freezer and viceversa at your convenience

The Switch Zone is a unique and ultra-flexible compartment that can operate as a refrigerator or a freezer. You can regulate the area temperature from -20°C to +5°C according to your needs.It’s like having an extra fridge or freezer!

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Preserve fresh food 2 times longer

Haier’s Humidity Zone drawer keeps your fruit and vegetables fresh two times longer*. It’s able to do this thanks to HCS (Humidity Control System) Technology, a plant fiber membrane that keeps moisture levels at 90% within the compartment. The precisely maintained humidity levels prevents any condensed water from forming inside the drawer, their nutritional content of your grocieries for longer.

State of the art cooling technology from Haier

Fresher Techs are the innovative technologies exclusively created by Haier that have been designed with one objective: keeping your foods fresher & tastier for longer.

Keep your fridge bacteria-free so flavours last longer

Haier’s exclusive ABT®, anti-bacterial treatment, reduces the amount of bacteria in your refrigerator’s airflow, preserving your food’s flavours and increasing its storage life. ABT® uses ultraviolet light to activate a photocatalysis reaction that drastically reduces the proliferation of bacteria in the air, removing up to 99.9% of bacteria. The reduction of cross contamination of food helps to maintain their original flavours, thus improving hygiene within the refrigerator and protecting your health.

Preserve humidity sensitive food

The Dry Zone is the perfect place to store dairy, aged cheeses, cured meats and items that are particularly sensitive to humidity such as fresh pasta and ravioli. Using an air duct, the humidity levels within the compartment is kept at 45% – the optimum level for storing foods of this type.

Stay in total control thanks to the digital display

A stylish and easy-to-use digital touch screen allows you to control the conditions inside your refrigerator without opening the door. Thanks to this useful feature, you can set the temperature of the fridge and freezer independently with a simple touch.

Innovative technology for effortless maintenance

Haier’s highly innovative Total No Frost technology cleverly prevents the formation of frost in your fridge-freezer. A special ‘Fresher Shield’ prevents warm air from entering your freezer during the continuous automatic defrosting process, protecting your frozen foods and preventing unnecessary energy loss. Now you’ll never have to defrost your freezer again. Maintaining your fridge-freezer has never been so easy!
Capacity; Total: 610 L, Fridge: 430 L, Freezer: 180 L
No Frost and Super Freezing
H 190.0 x W 91.0 x D 74.0 cm
Dynamic Anti-Bacterial
Tri-Cooling System
Inverter Compressor
Dry & Humidity Zone
Adjustable temperature zone
My Switch Zone
Integrated Handler
Fresher Sensors
Convertible fridge & freezer zone for extra storage
Food freshness feature to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh
Eye –Friendly LED Panel
Cleaning kept to a minimum
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