Haier always is in the lead for new Innovation

Haier always is in the lead for new Innovation and we can see that in so many ways, if we consider the top loading washing machine

and realizing all those specifications just from the rear control to the motor and how reliable and comfy is, it is unbelievable!.

If we put lights on just some of the specification:
-Soft fall Technology: The entrant comes with shockproof window and lid protection to ensure desired user safety during the washing process.

-Pillow Shape Drum: ensures that the fabrics/garments are thoroughly cleaned without being braided roughly or harmed by the washing drum.
-Near Zero Pressure: technology smartly senses the load ensuring reliable performance and effective cleaning even at extremely low water pressure of 0.001 – 0.002 MPA.

-A+++ Energy Consumption: minimises the consumption of water, energy and money by 30%

-Direct Motion Motor: to create perfect movements to minimize abrasion and noise, also maximizing the washing performance the

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