Created to deliver professional-level laundry

The Haier (979 Series) of washing machines is created to deliver professional-level laundry results in the comfort of your own home, saving you time and even allowing you to fine tune the duration of your laundry cycles. The special pillow-shaped pads mean your laundry slips gently over the surface as the drum spins, never catching the fabric and causing it to deteriorate in quality. The Refresh function refreshes your clothes in a highly effective and innovative manner, using micro-vapor technology to remove odors, fine dust, and allergens. All whilst reducing creases in just 20 minutes, without using detergent. relaxing the fibers of your laundry and improving the removal stubborn dirt and stains. And that’s not all – the steam also makes ironing your clothes much easier, or even not necessary at all, leaving you more time to do the things you love!. the motor is directly attached to the drum, vastly reducing noise and vibration, increasing durability while also reducing energy and water consumption (up to A+++ -50%).Haier’s clever ‘I-Time’ function allows you to fine tune the duration of your wash      according to your time availability.

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