Company Overview

          Established at Qingdao, China in 1984, Haier Group is a world-leading provider of solutions to better life. In the process of sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship, Haier always upholds the principle of “prioritizing people’s value”. Mr. Zhang Ruimin, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Haier Group, systematically illustrated the Rendanheyi Model in September 2005, whose contemporary features, universality and social characteristics have achieved trans-industry and trans-culture fusion and replication.

     On May 10, 2018, China Brand Day, Zhang proposed the concept “ecosystem brand” for the first time, seen as another iteration and innovation to the brand connotation following the product brand and platform brand. It is the world’s first definite proposal on building an ecosystem brand in the age of the IoT. At the ceremony for observing the 35th anniversary of Haier Group and publishing the strategic themes of the sixth development stage and the fourth-generation enterprise culture dated December 26, 2019, Zhang announced the beginning of the sixth strategic development stage – Ecosystem Brand Stage with two other co-founders: Yang Mianmian, former Vice Chairman of the Board and President, and Wu Kesong, former Vice Chairmen of the Board.

     Focusing on user experience and keeping abreast of the times, Haier has experienced six strategic stages: brand building strategy, diversification strategy, internationalization strategy, global branding strategy, networking strategy and ecosystem brand strategy, growing from the once collectively owned small factory on the verge of bankruptcy into an ecosystem that leads the IoT era. As the world’s first and only IoT ecosystem brand, Haier has been included on the list of BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands for two consecutive years. Haier offers services for over 1 billion families in 160 countries or regions around the world. To date, Haier has successfully incubated four listed companies (Haier Smart Home, Haier Electronics, Haier Biomedical, INKON Life), five unicorn companies and 23 gazelle companies. Moreover, Haier has established 10+N open innovation systems, 25 industrial parks, 122 manufacturing centers, 108 marketing centers and 143,330 sales networks globally. It owns a number of ecosystem brands and new species, including Haier, Casarte, Leader, GE Appliances from the U.S., Fisher & Paykel from New Zealand, AQUA from Japan, Candy from Italy, COSMOPlat, Ririshun, Yingkang Life, Haier Biomedical, Haina Cloud, HCH, Haier Brothers, etc.

     Haier has topped Global Major Appliances Brand Rankings by Euromonitor International for 11 consecutive years. Its subsidiary Haier Smart Home is among the list of Global 500 and the World’s Most Admired Companies of Fortune and the World’s 2,000 Largest Public Companies of Forbes. Its new species COSMOPlat industrial Internet platform leads the top ten trans-industry and -field industrial Internet platforms of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and named a leader in Forrester’s Industrial IoT Platform and designated by the three international standard organizations, including ISO, IEEE and IEC to lead the drafting of international standards for mass customization models…In the era of IoT, Haier’s ecosystem brand is leading the world.

     Upholding the vision of “creating new engines to growth in the era of IoT with Rendanheyi Model”, Haier is committed to working with its world-class ecosystem partners to continuously build scenario brand and ecosystem brand, and to set up IoT ecosystems in clothing, food, accommodation, travel, health, elderly care, biomedicine and education, and to tailor personalized smart life for users around the globe.